ongoing exhibition:
march 8 to april 21, 2014: one wind to another: sven daigger talks to marcel duchamp's moth king (sven daigger im windgespräch mit marcel duchamps mottenkönig). this exhibtion is a collaboration with staatliches museum schwerin and part of its project die revolution der romantiker. fluxus made in usa – for more information download pdf englishgerman

upcoming exhibition:
april 26 to june 8, 2014: gelosia – emilio fantin, luigi negro, giancarlo norese, cesare pietroiusti, luigi presicce

new publications (for more information, go to page publications):
stefan banz – jeff wall: mit dem auge des geistes, german (english edition in preparation), kmd publication no. 14
lars blunck – marcel duchamp: porte-bouteilles, german|english, kmd publication no. 13
jeff wall – marcel duchamp: étant donnés,
introduction by michael r. taylor, afterword by stefan banz, english|german|french,
kmd publication no. 12

stefan banz – marcel duchamp: pharmacie, 
german|english, kmd publication no. 11

upcoming publication:
d'ailleurs c'est toujours les autres qui meurent
(besides, it's always the others who die), a publication by lu cafausu, with a collective text based on a conversation held in rome on january 19, 2014 between emilio fantin, luigi negro, giancarlo norese, cesare pietroiusti, luigi presicce, mattia pellegrini, roberto tenace, caterina pecchiooli, davide ricco, gianluca marinelli, sara alberani, irene coppola, sarah ciraci, lisa batacchi, luca musacchio, marco benincasa, elisabetta falanga, carolyn christov-bakargiev. with written contributions by stefan banz, francesca marianna consonni, adrian paci, alcide pierantozzi, antonello rizzo, tommaso trini, and franco vaccari (may/june 2014).

the kmd is the world's smallest museum and shows grand exhibitions of internationally acknowledged and emerging artists, and the edition kunsthalle marcel duchamp publishes hardcover books in small format (artists’ books, works of art theory and exhibition catalogues).